Web Site Update.

During the last few days I have been adding and trimming content on the website to give a better over all look at my body of work.  Here is a quick list of changes to the website. 

  • The home page now has one image from each of the five types of art work on the website (paintings, craft works, drawings & sketchings, photography, and digital). This replaces the original homepage of just drawings. I did this to give a small primer of my work on the homepage.
  • I added new (properly cropped & marked) photos of my latest paintings.
  • Added and removed sketches from the Drawings & Sketchings page.
  • Removed some photos from the Photography page. This was done to clear up repetition of  photos.
  • Re-added Digital images.
  • Minor format spacing and text size/color changes throughout the website
  • Removed Google Plus link. The link was not working properly and I am not going to update the Google plus page any-longer.
  • Fixed issues with the Facebook page link .
  • Changed the Facebook and Twitter icons.

As for new content for the website, I will be adding more information to the About page and more frequent blog updates.

In regards of new art projects, I am working on a new painting with the theme of trees.