Fall and Winter preview

Hello everybody I wanted to give a little preview as to what I will be doing for the rest of the year.

With Halloween approaching it will be time to start decorating the house with new props and “scary” structures! I am hoping to create a new hunted maze this year, if not I will build upon the façade from last year, along with creating new props for it all.

November I will be doing a larger format drawing(s) along with small format painting. The painting will be for the “Linda Hall Miniatures Exhibit” at the Whittier Art Gallery in December. The Drawing aren’t for any show in particular; I just have a few ideas for larger format drawing(s) that I want to do.

December will mainly be for preproduction for my next large format painting. And it is going to be all about space!

Along with all of this I will be doing more updates for the website and sketching post for the blog. Speaking of the blog, I will be posting updates for these projects when I can. I am all so trying to post content to the website every other day!

That’s all for now!